Fully Charged UK Launch

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Fully Charged Feature

We don’t normally get a chance to review things at Fully Charged LIVE, so if we do it’s because something pretty special has peaked our interest. The Nobe 100 GT is Estonia’s first electric car and the first three wheeler to truly put a smile on our faces. Jack spoke with acting CEO Roman Muljar to get the full story behind this little bundle of electric joy!

Design for Playfulness

“Simplify, then add lightness.”  There are two contexts in which this quote from Colin Chapman really hits home. The first, of course, is in the

Light Living

Many years ago, when my sister was in her twenties, she had a simple rule to decide whether to buy something or not. She drove

Discover how Nobe is building the first ever carbon-fiber EV. 

Nobe is going light. One amazing designed EV at a time.

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